Friday, August 2, 2013

Psalm 23 - Part 5 - Unafraid

In the past few years, my world has been rocked, expanded, and profoundly changed through short-term mission trips.

I’ve been in Uganda during election season when riots and violence abound. Last fall I had the honor to travel with my mother to Myanmar, which is actually classified “hostile” to the Gospel and where simply owning up to your faith can be a tremendous risk. And I just returned from Rwanda, 5 minutes from the Congo border, where racial and national tensions are healing, but are still very real.

…and in all these places, I have never once felt afraid. 

Deep within my heart is a peace because I know whatever location or circumstance in which I find myself, He is with me, and if He led me there, then He also prepared for me to be there.

Just let that simmer for a moment. 

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