Tuesday, November 9, 2010


While I was driving home last night, I noticed a familiar constellation rising above the horizon.  So when arrived I took a moment to just pause and look at the beautiful night sky.  After welcoming Orion, my eyes drifted above his head to the familiar "W" of Cassiopeia. 

I thought to myself, "Cass, I know what you feel like."  (Apparently I'm on nick-name basis with my constellations.  Who knew?)  She's one of just a few circumpolar constellations.  This means that she's close enough to the North Star that her constellation is visible all year long -- just like the Big and Little dippers.  But since she's sitting in a chair in her celestial portrait, it also means that she spends half her time upside down.  I can relate to that.

My world has been topsy turvey.  I've felt like I've been in over my head at moments.  But like Cassiopeia, I have my own Northern Star that I hold in the center of all my craziness.  And last night it was incredibly reassuring to remember that she's only upside down for half of the year. 

Thought to self:  "Just sit tight and hold on.  Things will turn right side up again."

Monday, November 8, 2010

Rugby Angels

Week before last, I went on vacation. This means that the day before I was in the bookstore searching for my in-flight entertainment.  I randomly picked up a book with an amusing title, and flipped through the pages to check out the chapter headings.  Equally funny.  I stopped on one page when I saw the word "rugby"  (That's just the kind of girl I am.)  Here is the excerpt.  Enjoy. 

When people say "a hedge of protection" or "a hedge of angels," I start imaging a bunch of angels in pleated khakis standing around, bored, waiting for the bus.  Forget that.  A rugby scrum is where players from both teams lock arms and heads and start swirling around in a tangle of power and aggression and swagger.  That's what I want angels protecting me to be doing.  I want them to be constantly brawling, like some sort of angelic version of the Patrick Swayze movie Roadhouse.  When something bad comes my way, the angels don't have to warm up.  They just turn to my foe and say, "You want to get in on this?  We got more than enough to go around."

I tell you what, if there are indeed angels watching over me... those are the guys I want.