Sunday, August 4, 2013


Five-Minute Friday 
This week's word: Story


I was working in the kitchen.  Cleaning and clearing and organizing as I tend to do.  This was early in Dad’s recovery period when he was at Walter Reed and Mom was staying at the Fisher House in Bethesda to be close to him.  So it was just me, Grandpa, and Midnight at the house.

In any case, I was keeping myself busy with one thing or another when Grandpa called in from the living room.

"Hey Regina?"

"Yeah Grandpa?"

"I think you’d make a pretty good moonshiner."

Well that just stopped me in my tracks!  What an unexpected thing to hear! I know he's been watching a lot of that Moonshiner's show, but I can't make heads or tails of what he's getting at.

"Why is that Grandpa?"

"Well, you’ve gotta move pretty quick to stay ahead of the law, and you’re real good at zipping around."

My puzzled expression morphed into a wide grin.

"Thanks Grandpa."

I just love him.  Sprinkled throughout my nondescript and ordinary days, I get these precious moments of quirky brilliance.  They’re stories I treasure, and the kind that get better with each retelling.

Plus, if things don’t work out for me in corporate America, my Grandpa just might be on to something.



  1. THIS is a beautiful story. I can't help but to love when the simplest of sentences make my heart smile, and I'm sure yours did at that moment too. Your Grandpa sounds like a sweet, funny man :)

  2. Ohhh Grandpa! :) I love this story!!!!

  3. Brought a big smile to my face! Bess

  4. Oh I LOVE that! I work in a nursing home, and sometimes they things that my patients say just CATCH ME-- right there-- because the irony or truth just smacks me and whether they were making an offhand remark, or truly trying to get something across, you just have to pay attention. What a great Grandpa. I miss mine so much.

  5. You know how much I love "grandpa stories"!! Thanks for sharing this one!