Friday, August 9, 2013

Just Walking

If you had to go to a café in a strange city for lunch…let’s use New York as an example (a place I am not familiar with at all)...or even better, let's use Venice (I love it, but it's a complete labyrinth).

You’d have a couple options for successfully reaching your destination.

One option, you could purchase one of those cool city maps—the ones that are laminated and fold up nicely and have points of interest highlighted. You could walk, or drive, through the city with your nose buried in the map, hoping that you are interpreting it correctly.

You’ll probably reach where you want to go eventually. But it might be a stressful experience, full of uncertainty.

(If you still have Venice in your imagination, the maps are worthless anyway. Seriously! There are no accurate maps of the city. So no matter how closely you follow your printed guide, you'll be surprised by streets that are supposed to be there but aren't, or by ones that are there but not on the map. I imagine it feels a little bit like being at Hogwarts as a first year and trying to get used to the changing staircases.)

Option two:  Go with someone who knows the city.

You get the benefit of all their “street smarts” and all you have to do is be along for the ride. 

Maybe you’ll be introduced to a special nook or cranny along the way.  Maybe you’ll get flagged down by a friend and treated to an unexpected conversation. You’ll certainly avoid the parts of the city that should be avoided and have the flexibility to re-route around traffic or other unplanned obstacles.  But regardless of whether the journey is meandering or straight to the point, it’ll be free of worry and full of peace.

Do we really just want a nice, laminated, road map from God? Really?

I think what we really want, and what He wants, is to go on the adventure together. God’s will isn’t about finding the café…it’s about walking with him to get there.  Trusting there's a reason for the route even if we don't understand the scenery.

Putting our little hand in his big one, and just walking.

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