Thursday, August 1, 2013

Psalm 23 - Part 4 - Correction

As you might imagine, stressful times can bring moments of friction into even the closest relationships. 

While it has been my honor and true joy to serve and support my family as we face this huge challenge (if you're just tuning in, my dad had a major brain surgery in January), I can also vividly recall a night when I was frustrated with my mom and praying for God to correct and deal with her, as well as feeling lonely and disconnected from my friends and all the things that normally make my life so vibrant and colorful. 

In the midst of that moment, two scriptures came to mind, followed by a line from Psalm 23.

"Love keeps no record of wrongs"

My flesh wanted to add this new instance to a long tally of offenses, but 1 Corinthians reminded me to throw the record out the window and show love instead.  No matter how many times my mom might do that thing that hurts or frustrates me, I need to love her enough to show grace and patience, every time.

"Rejoice with those who rejoice"

I’ve missed a lot of things this year.  There’s a string of Instagram photos out there that when I look at them, I see a Regina-sized hole or wish I had a Regina-sized equivalent.  But Romans reminds me I shouldn’t begrudge or be jealous of other’s joy.  I should be happy and share in it, even if that’s from afar for right now.

…And through the sting of these two bits of conviction and correction, I heard God reminding me "your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

Which is true.

While the correction or reminder might sting, they are also a comfort.  They help me to let go of the hurt, the frustration, and the jealousy, and find comfort in choosing love and patience and gratitude and joy instead.

The strength and truth from this passage and others, have allowed me to walk through this journey with relentless optimism and a deeply-rooted, pervasive faith that God has always been, and will always remain completely in control.  My dad, my whole family, is in good hands.  Most importantly, my dad is still here with us and getting better every day. 

My cup overflows.

...the journey continues tomorrow.

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