Friday, January 29, 2010

Wine and Chocolate

Sometimes I feel like a red wine, especially when I'm a little more "full-bodied" than usual.  Reds can be delicate, but they can also be bold and feisty.  There are some reds that are almost rough and nearly too much to handle.

However, if I've learned anything in my brief forays as a wine connoisseur at  Linganore tastings it's this:  the taste of a wine can completely change with the introduction of chocolate.  Seriously!  The last time my friends and I made the journey, our favorite wine was one we barely tolerated alone, but wanted seconds when we drank it in conjunction with chocolate.  It's like magic.

I know that sometimes I'm full and delicate in all the wrong ways.  My words and emotions may come out more tart or rough or feisty than I intend.  And on my own, it might barely pass as drinkable.

Thankfully, Jesus is the chocolate to my red wine.  (It's not that far of a stretch.  After all we all know that a good chocolate is simply divine. *wink*)  If I introduce a bit of his character into the mix...everything changes. He can soften all my rough edges and bring out flavors I didn't know I had.  People just might come back for seconds.  And it won't be because of me, but because of the chocolate shining through.


  1. I can comment!!!! Well on this one at least...I tried some past ones with no luck...
    and of course it would be about wine...I no likey da wine. :P

  2. Hooray for semi-success! As for wine, you really should try some with chocolate... :)