Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today was supposed to be a leisurly morning.  Wake early, get a workout in, quick trip to Target, and then relax and write. day has exploded!  I'm rushing here and there, trying to time everything just right.  Get to one person's house before they leave.  Make it back to another place before something begins.  Try to relax and be sociable, while keeping my eyes on the clock for a commitment later tonight.  Where did my Saturday go?

Do you ever find your schedule running away with you like that?  Here's my goal for today:  just take one minute at a time.  Keep moving, but enjoy each moment. 

On a tenacious note:  look for a post later today!  Blogging about a certain thought was a goal I had for today.  And even if I'm a little busier than I anticipated, I want to meet my goal. I also want to make sure I enjoy the run to the finish line.

Happy Saturday!

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