Saturday, August 15, 2009

Beautiful Feet

In this post, I talked about how when I was a little kid, I would want to help my dad with a building project and he would have to remind me that we couldn’t both work in the same space. I still get that “why not?” feeling, though these days it’s for a different kind of building.

Like these friends, The Longs. A few years ago, Jen went on a mission trip to Uganda, and her heart was captured by the people there. She went back with her husband, and he got the bug too. They decided not just to give support from afar, but to relocate their family to Uganda to be up to their elbows in what’s happening there. It’s exciting. And reading the things that they have been up to makes my heart swell with a sense of "Right on!" mixed with "I'd love to do that" and a pinch of "So what are you doing to change your world?" It's a good combination.

A part of me wants to be right there with them, but for now I’m walking the path of support. But that's the beauty of a worldwide body right? Together we all make a difference.

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" Romans 10:15

To learn more about my dear friends, and what they’ve been up to, check out Hackers for Charity. You can also download their first newsletter by clicking here. (I love how Johnny calls it a “maybe-monthly” newsletter. He’s definitely my brand of weird!)

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