Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In the way

I was playing on the worship team, minding my own business, when one of the lines of the song suddenly commanded my attention: “Or we’ll walk by his side in the way.”

It made me think of being a little kid, and wanting to help my parents, especially my dad while he was building or fixing something. But instead of actually contributing, I’d just end up being in the way. In his patient way, he would tell me, “I know you want to help, but you can’t work in the same place I am. You need to go over there.”

My thoughts then switched to one of my earliest memories. It was when we lived in Seattle, so I was probably right around 4-years-old. I got to tag along with my dad as he helped a family move from one house to another. And while I was old enough to know that I wanted to help, I was small enough to not really be a contributing factor.

Once again, my dad had a wise moment. While some big strong men were working to pack up the bedroom, he grabbed the plunger from the pile of bathroom things and said, “Can you keep track of this today? I need you to make sure that this gets to the new house. It’s very important.” I remember my little heart filling with meaning and determination. Yes! I can do that! And I did. I proudly tracked that plunger and triumphantly escorted it to its new home.

It didn’t matter that I was too small to do the heavy lifting. I didn’t even realize at the time just how small my task was. But you know, that doesn’t really matter either. My heart was in the right place, and I was part of the process.

All of those thoughts flashed in my mind over the course of just a second or two. And I once again heard those words: “Or we’ll walk by his side in the way.”

I know that when I see God working, I want to be a part of it. Or sometimes I see the good that other people are doing, and it’s exciting, and it’s building or fixing something….and I want to be right there helping to make it happen! And I can just hear God patiently reminding me, “I know you want to help, but you can’t work in the same place I am.” This thought is especially crazy when it’s a situation in my own heart and life. What do you mean I can’t fix that? It’s my mess! It’s my project! What do you mean I have to go work over there? But it’s true. Sometimes I just need to stay out of God’s way and let him do what he needs to do.

As for the plunger: The good that I do, and the triumphs that I experience, may be little more in the grand scheme of things than carrying a plunger from one house to another. But you know, that doesn’t matter. Because I couldn’t handle the heavy lifting anyway. What matters is that I’m involved. My task is small. But without it… let’s just say, one never knows what mess is prevented by the small thing that you do.

And if you walk by his side, you’re not in the way. You’re on the right path. (I think that’s what that line means in the first place *wink*)

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  1. "Sometimes I just need to stay out of God’s way and let him do what he needs to do."

    Isn't that just the toighest thing to do sometimes? Staying out of His way, I mean. I get into trouble with that as a mom. It's hard to let go and let God....

    Another excellent post Regina!