Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flying Darts

Since I have to use a beer commercial at least once a month as a post inspiration:
(I’ve been sitting on this thought for a little while. Partially because I can’t remember what brand of beer was featured in this particular commercial, so I can’t give you a link to let you know where to find it. Boo!)

The setting is a happily busy bar. A couple of guys are throwing darts, and one of them stumbles just as he makes his throw. You don’t really take notice because right then time slows down, the camera pans to focus on a man holding a can of the featured beverage, and a narrator steps forward to talk about the glories of said beverage. But as he’s talking, you can still see the happy can-holding man…and the dart….heading right for his blissfully ignorant noggin.

Here’s where I turned into my mother. I couldn’t focus on anything the narrator was saying, because I kept thinking “My goodness. That dart. It’s going to hit that poor man. Wrap it up already Mr. Narrator!” I was actually cringing and worried about the potential gruesome conclusion of a random beer commercial. Sad. I know. But already admitted to turning into my mother, right? Ok, good.

The narrator wraps up his pitch, reaches back, grabs the dart, and moves it a little forward. Then time resumes. The dart lodges into the beer in Happy Can-Holding Man’s hand. He’s really bummed, until the narrator pulls the dart out and the tasty beverage fountains out into an empty glass. (I can’t remember if it was randomly waiting on the table, or if it was conveniently placed somewhere by the narrator. But that’s not really important. It’s important that no drop was wasted. The drink was safe!)

It got me thinking. The world throws a lot at us. How many times in my life have I been the blissfully ignorant man? Unaware of danger headed right at me, then, ironically bummed when I look down and see a dart sticking out of the can I hold in my hand. If only I knew.

Thought #2: Why *does* the narrator move the dart just a little bit? He could have spared both man and can. But he doesn’t. Can I submit this thought? I truly believe God is there, making sure that darts don’t hit our blissfully ignorant (or even slightly freaked out) heads. But sometimes, he’ll let those flying darts puncture the preverbal cans we hold in our hands.

It’s startling. It’s not what we planned. But as the narrator, God’s not caught off guard. Some of us may not even be aware of the treasure we have inside. It’s thirst-quenching stuff, and we live in a very thirsty world. But that liquid goodness can only be enjoyed if it’s poured out. Sometimes it may just take a well-placed dart to start the fountain.

Just a thought.

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  1. GESSSSHHHH Regina!!!! I dunno if I am hormonal today or what...but I totally almost cried. You are SO right. My minor fender bender could have been SO much worse...but God stepped in and moved that dart just a little and while there was still an accident, it was far as bad as it could have been. There are so many situations that if we stepped back in life we would see this.
    Instead of fretting over this situation, I should step back...thank GOD for the slight move of the dart and get back to living.