Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Today’s deep thought is brought to you by my no-longer-black-but-now-yellow car.

I wonder if flowers get annoyed at just how much pollen goes to waste. My car isn’t the only thing that has been yellowed. My entire back porch is covered with the stuff. Note to self: clean porch later with hose. (I also wonder if flowers had feelings, would they feel hurt or guilty that their pollen causes some people so much suffering. I don’t have allergies myself, but I can have empathy for the eyes and noses of others. The flower isn’t being factious or frivolous, it’s just trying to survive. And spread the joy.) In any case, so much of their hard work just ends up where it can’t blossom.

My deep thought is… If flowers did have feelings, I would tell them this: Don’t get discouraged by wasted pollen. It’s only by dusting (or flooding) your world with little bits of potential that you can later celebrate the beauty of new blooms. It’s the only way to keep flowering.

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