Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I’ve been feeling half full lately. It’s like I’m always thirsty for something more, and there are parts of me that just feel parched.

But just in the past few days, I’ve had several small chances to pour out into other people. Nothing huge or earth shattering, but just small shared moments.

I realized, if I had all of those little bits to keep pouring out, I must be fuller than I thought. And really, I’m happy to hold a cup that’s half-full if it means I have been sharing my water with others who are thirsty.


  1. That's a great observation. I love it when God teaches us these little things. How often I have kind of felt empty...and yet have still been able to pour into others...It's in there somewhere...we just have to recognize it!

  2. Hey! Thats kinda what I was saying in the email I sent you. Haha! Perfect. :)

  3. I know I have appreciated the "sips" you've shared with me!