Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Giving.  That's the side of the equation that is most familiar to me.  I was raised by two truly generous people who didn't just teach me to give of my time, of my resources, and of myself...they modeled it for me every day.  They still do.

Like most givers, it can be very difficult to recieve.  I'll admit part of it is a pride thing.  I know I live a blessed life, and I want to be able to do things on my own.

So when God laid on my heart to send out a letter about the mission trip I'm going on with my mother, I really struggled about it.  I really struggled.  But the idea or impulse or whatever you want to call it just wouldn't let me go.  I finally convinced myself that besides just being begrudgingly obedient, I wasn't doing this for me...I was doing this to help my mom.  It's not about me.  It's about her.

See, I'm not receiving.  I'm giving.  *insert cheesy grin here*

I wrote what was in my heart, sent it out, and kinda placed it in God's hands. I was only hoping for enough to cover my mom's expenses. But her faith, and God's plans, were much bigger.

The money for the trip is due July 1st, but already we have more than enough to pay for the both of us. The both of us!  And more money is on the way!  Through the generosity of our sponsors, we will not only be able to go, but we will be able to bless others -- to sponsor ministers to attend the training that will be offered during the day and to give a gift to each of the orphanages we visit as well.

What God is teaching me:

The power of many, small donations.  I needed to see this because even though I'm a giver, I often feel guilty about only being able to give a little bit. But seeing the power of all the little bits is showing me that support is not really about me and what I can give. It's about being obedient and a good steward of whatever my resources are. By a whole bunch of little bits combined, stuff happens.  And the result is somehow so much more than sum of all the little parts.  "Every little bit helps." -- I thought that was just something people said to make be feel better, but it's not.  It's a powerful truth and I'm seeing it in action. 

The value of prayer support. There are people who can't give financially, but who are partnering with us spiritually through prayer. And it's something that I know in my head -- prayer means so much -- but now that I am on the receiving end of it, I can honestly say that prayer means so much. It doesn't matter to me that there isn't money attached. Knowing that people I care about are standing with me, believing with me, and investing in what God is's hard to put that into words. But it's a great lesson.

I don't think I would have learned it had I not been on the receiving end.

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