Friday, June 10, 2011


This deep thought is brought to you by my morning commute.

I'm a rule-following driver. With as much time as I spend on the road, I feel I have to be. I want my unconscious habits to be ones that are keeping our crazy roadways as safe as possible.

On this particular morning, I was in a middle traveling lane, passing slower traffic on my right.  A car pulled uncomfortably close to me, then used the far left lane to swerve around me, barely clearing both my back then front bumpers as it dodged both my car and those in the "fast lane" to get past.  Pretty typical stuff for the metropolitan area.

What grated my nerves is that the offending driver was a policeman.  Talking on a cell phone no less.

This is one of my pet peeves.  If I drove like that, I would be pulled over in a heartbeat and handed a fair number of driving violations.  But in the past few weeks I've encountered several police drivers acting like this one -- little more than careless bullies.  This one was just icing on my commuting cake.

I allowed my annoyance to flare this driver.  How unfair!  How unjust!  You're supposed to be upholding the rules and setting an example, not disregarding them and flaunting/hiding behind a uniform.  I don't know who you are, but I know what you're supposed to stand for and represent.

Out of the clear blue came the thought:  That's just like a "Christian" who's being un-Christ-like.

Why oh why does that still small voice have to turn my anger around and back to me?

The annoyance, anger and frustration I felt at that driver:  I imagine that's just how others feel when they see someone who is supposed to be loving, patient, kind, peaceful, joyful, good, faithful, gentle, self-controlled... acting anything but.

Dear Lord,
          Open my eyes.  How often do I turn a blind eye to my own actions, justifying my own bending of the rules when I would be quick to hand out citations? How often am I distracted by my own worries and completely clueless to how my driving is affecting others? Am I upholding the laws I've pledged to follow? 
          Help me.  Help me to be a be a good example.  Not because I have any more or less authority than others, but because I've chosen to carry this mantle and to make your name glorious.

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  1. Great posts lately, as usual! I think it's wonderful how the Spirit teaches us through the ordinary events of our days (and sometimes not so ordinary). That's why I am drawn to blogs like yours, because I like to see what others are learning from the events of their days. Hope you are enjoying your Summer! Bess