Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spare Change

I had a moment.  You know the kind in which you wonder, "What's the point?"  Of life, the universe, and everything?  I was in my car at the time, and found inspiration in the strangest place:  In the door handle, right next to the window toggles:

My bits of spare change.

Sometimes I feel like all I have to offer is bits of spare change.  Disjointed.  Fragmented.  Left over. 

But all those bits are valuable.  Maybe not on their own, but put them together...

An everyday, nondiscript treasure trove.  One that lays dormant and near forgotten until I really need it.  But when that need kicks in, I'm really grateful that it's there.  (And I doubt I would be able to tell you the purchases for which those pennies and nickles weren't used.) 

I don't know if that answers my original "what's the point" question.  But it made me reassured about all the little bits that make 

At the right time, for the right purpose...those pennies can be priceless.

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  1. You have such great thoughts, Regina! I never would have thought of spare change like that, and it makes so much sense. Or cents. Haha! Wow, that was lame. And almost by accident. Anyway, Whats the point? Glorify God in any way we can. Thats what we are created for!