Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Even though I've been tenacious about sticking to my gym schedule...I've been really tired lately.  I'm still putting in the time, but I'm not covering the ground required to stay on top of my training  (Meaning:  instead of running four miles, I spend an hour on the elliptical.)  I just don't have the energy to do it.

Now I know why.

I tried to give blood to the Red Cross last week, but I was denied because my red blood cell count was too low.  You know that lovely finger prick you have to survive before answering all the heath history questions?  I didn't pass the test.  (Actually, I was well below the threshhold.)  So the lady asked me if I would consent to a second finger prick.  I agreed, but secretly I thought the whole thing was silly.  Wait five minutes, use a different finger, and viola!  a higher reading?  Riiiighhht.  Low and behold, a second prick and reading later, my level was actually lower than before.  So they said thank you very much, but I get to keep my anemic blood to myself.

The most common cause of anemia is iron deficiency.  But while you have to add iron back into your diet, you can't just munch on scrap metal.  (I hear it's bad for one's teeth).  Your body has to absorb iron in the context of healthy food.

You ever feel emotionally tired?  Spiritually weak?  Just worn out or out-of-sync?  Maybe your life-blood is anemic.  But like iron, it's difficult to just munch on a bar of cheer or chug a cup of courage or have a sandwich of optimism or a patience pasta.  You need those things, but I would argue that it has to come in the context of a healthy diet.

What are you listening to? Watching? Reading? Discussing?  Because they're feeding you.  And if your life blood isn't working well for you, you won't be in a position to give to others.  Waiting five minutes or using a different finger won't change that. 

(On the bright side:  I have a new and completely legitimate excuse to eat more asparagus!)


  1. Hmmm and more asparagus IS a good thing! Hope that Anemia thing gets worked out! :P

  2. More asparagus is good! More red meat (also chock full of iron) is even better!!

  3. Nice post Regina!
    I could use some patience pasta tonight...you should be having some of this stuff (some of the best sources of iron):
    Dried beans
    Dried fruits
    Lean red meat
    Red meat
    Whole grains

    Take care of yourself!!