Thursday, June 26, 2008

Movie Stardom

I heard a talk by Donald Miller once. He talks just like he writes: sort of rambling, quirky, and thought-provoking all at the same time. He drew the analogy that we all walk around as if we were the stars in our own life movie. He says, “I can prove it to you. I’m in every scene! There’s a couple cameras and a speaker, and all of you are supporting actors in my story.” His point was that we should all be a little more outward focused. Other people exist, and are important. And it’s a good thing to remember.

But sometimes, I think I’m the star of my own life movie for another reason. Sometimes I feel like just kind of watching things play out in the screening room behind my eyes. And you know those moments when you watch a movie and you just want to yell at the characters for the decisions they’re making? Yeah, totally have those…but with myself. Sometimes I think my personality, or just the things I let gain momentum run away with me, and I want to fuss at this character and go “What are you doing?”

I hope that just like the movies, this character I’m watching can figure out a way to temper her flaws, make good choices, and earn her triumphant happy music at the end.

(On a silly note, if my life was a movie, it would definitely be a musical. And it would have at least one corny montage.)


  1. I am quite positive that you would earn your triumphant happy music in the end!

  2. I suppose it was have much laughter and dancing as that kind of happiness reminds me of you. :)

  3. A blogger, now, eh? I attempted a brief stint in the blog-o-sphere. My conclusion on the experience is that it amounted to little more than throwing bits of thought into an endless, uncaring void. The more I watch the evolution of this strange mess we call the internet, the more I'm convinced the whole thing will eventually dissolve into utter chaos, the stuff of which a new creation could be formed.

    Speaking of ends, you think your personal movie has one? Seems like, particularly with your own personal christian overtones, no such end would be in sight. Makes me think the cheesy montage would be that "Life flashes before your eyes"-moment-of-death. Complete with comical Benny-Hill style music with everyone moving in slight-fast-forward.

  4. Your movie would be a blockbuster. I've been previewing from behind the scenes for years now, and I love how the main character has developed into someone of depth and meaning. I am proud of you!