Monday, January 4, 2016


For the second year in a row, I've started the year off by playing dominos.  Mexican train to be exact.  It's such a fun game, and a glorious (sometimes frustrating) mixture of strategy and luck.

No matter how ingeniously you might form a plan and line up your tiles, chances are you're going to need help at some point each round.  Either by playing one of your errant tiles on someone else's train, or by someone else playing a helpful tile to help you get past a dead end.

With very rare exceptions, you just can't do it on your own.

Which is a great reminder at the beginning of the year.

In 2016, I want to keep an eye out for how I can contribute to other's lives, and treasure those who help keep me inspired and moving forward. I want to have eyes to see when those around me throw up the sign that they're stuck, and to be brave enough to indicate when I'm in trouble too.  (After all, no one can see what's in my hand.  They have no way of knowing that I've got myself in a pickle until that little train appears on my row.)

Doubling joys, halving burdens... remembering that life isn't lived in isolation, nor does it always go according to plan.  We don't get there on our own, but with those who share laughter (and frustration) in ordinary moments at the kitchen table.

Not a bad reminder from a game of dominos.

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  1. Regina, what a God thing to hear from you because I had just been thinking of you a day or two ago and wondering if everything was OK and if your parents were doing OK. That's a lovely photo of you on your blog (Instagram)! Thank you for your kind comments. I guess the main reason I can't get motivated to post more often is that I have nowhere to set up and shoot photos in good light (since my living room is totally scrunched together to make room for my brother's hospital bed). Perhaps I enjoy the photo aspect of blogging too much? But it's a small price to pay in light of having my brother still here. I hope you gals will all enjoy your coloring books! So nice that you play piano. I have always loved piano, but unfortunately my playing ability is only a shadow of what it once was. But I still like to "tickle the ivories" every now and then. If I've ever played Dominos it has been many, many years ago. I wish you and yours a happy and blessed 2016. I look forward to your posts! Bess.