Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I was getting ready to go out, and quickly throwing my outfit together.  (Jeans and a t-shirt. Very fancy.)  My eyes landed on the new "Team Tebow" shirt that I had draped over my favorite chair.  But I thought, "No, I can't wear that today.  It wouldn't represent the name Tim Tebow very well."

What does that say about the power of a name, and of a reputation?  I can't remember where it was I was headed.  But I do remember stopping and thinking about wearing his shirt.  Tebow's an outspoken Christian who takes his testimony very seriously, and because he's a well-known football player, he gets a lot of scrutiny.  I actually asked myself: "How might I hurt his message by wearing his shirt in a situation he might avoid?" and opted for a different shirt. 

Do I not realize my reputation is on the line too?  Why am I any less passionate about protecting it? 
Do I think I'm any less a representative of Christ?  His name may not be stitched into the fabric of my clothes, but it's inextricably stitched into the fabric of my life.

Conviction from a t-shirt.  Thanks Tim.

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