Friday, May 18, 2012


I stood there at the counter, watching the consignment store manager.  Because of a postponed yard sale, I had decided to try out the whole consignment process.  But one by one, nearly all of my clothes were relegated to the reject pile.  "Well....if these were a better brand."  "These just aren't in this season."  "Maybe if they were made of better materials..."

Better brand indeed.  Humph.  I smiled, thanked her for her time, and went to a place where I knew my clothes would be welcomed with open arms.

I drove straight to Goodwill.

And in that moment, a still small voice spoke to my heart:  Regardless of how you might label or brand yourself, in those times when you wish you were made of better stuff, when you are judged and placed in the rejection pile... take heart.  You were designed on purpose, and there will always be people who can be blessed by who you are and what you can give.

After all, what did that angel declare on a starry night so long ago?  "Peace on earth, Goodwill toward men."

It may be a silly thought.  But I hope it can be an encouraging one just the same.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. ~ Psalm 139:14


  1. I'm sorry the yard sale was really I'm not. Because if we had the yard sale we wouldn't have had this awesome post!

  2. Hi Regina! I like this post very much. Lovely thought for when we feel that rejection. I'm trying to catch up on your posts ... may take me awhile(?). A big project at work cut down on my surfing time, and I like to do your blog justice by having time to read, enjoy, and absorb what you say, awesome and insightful person that you are! Bess