Friday, March 27, 2009

The Simple Things

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one. ~ C.S. Lewis

I have some thoughts cooking up in my head, but they’re not quite ready to be spit out yet. But yesterday, I got an email from friend of mine and I want to share it with you. Do you ever have times when you read or hear something and you think to yourself, “Yeah! That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking. Why couldn’t I just spit it out like that?” Her message gave me one or two of those moments. It’s just affirming to know I'm not crazy. Or if I am, that I'm not alone.

Enough preamble.

the simple Jen.

I think for me where I am...I'm seeing the SIMPLE way of serving others and serving God. You don't have to be in a megachurch serving in 6 places, you simply need to be where God needs you to be. There is PURPOSE that He made for you.... and when you live in that purpose...that is where the simplistic things come about. We try too hard to over-doctrinize, over-spiritualize, over-think, is really SIMPLE. Life SHOULD be simple. You can be in the middle of the city with no home, and STILL serve God. You can be in the country of Nicaragua with NO money, NO encouragement, NO anything...and still serve God with all your heart.

My season to serve inside the walls is over...and I want to remind ALL of my church friends...FIND where God needs you to be...and sometimes, remember that it will be something outside the walls. But while you are there....learn, grow...and get to where God needs you to be and then when he moves you, don't fight it...

I told someone yesterday I feel like I'm in the process of being "un-churched"... because I grew up around the church, around the rituals (even in a spirit filled church)...where we gather together and worship. Nothing wrong with it, but not everyone is going to come into those walls. Realize that NOW, rather than fool yourself into thinking that some of these people that NEVER go to church aren't meeting God. Some of these people I meet and God in a very raw & real way that sometimes we don't see at "church". This is just my perspective. For where I'm at now...I've only seen a small portion of what God does and what He can do - but it’s outside those walls where we see a REAL work done. Or should I say...a DIFFERENT way.

I'm here to remind have a purpose to reach out and love your co-workers, people on the street, people wherever you go - you are to LOVE them. Whomever God gives you assignment to? LOVE THEM. Actively love them with all you know... and I dare you to watch yourself change and them change...and even if nothing changed, at least you were OBEDIENT. Remember what Jesus said...about loving those that hate you, challenge yourself with THAT one! anyways...............that is only part of where my heart is right now.

think, meditate, ask God.

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