Monday, February 2, 2009

Seven Things

Marie tagged me and asked me to share seven things about myself ~ "wonderful, weird, whimsical, serious-whatever we're comfy with." So here you are. I think my list ended up more whimsical than serious. I’ll just have to share the deep stuff another time. Enjoy!
  1. My favorite story is Lord of the Rings. I love the themes, the relationships between the characters, the story, the movies, the music…I love it all. If I could name a child something from LOTR without having to worry about them getting constantly ridiculed, I would. I may just have to settle with a dog named Pippin…or Gimli.
  2. I collect keychains. I have well over 400. They hang together from the ceiling in our guest room. Part of me is just waiting for the day when the ceiling gives up and the whole thing comes crashing down.
  3. I love sunlight. Both of “my rooms” have had two windows to let it all stream in. (Somewhat related, I think I’m solar-powered. When the sun wakes up, so do I. And when it goes to sleep…I want to do the same. However, when around night people, I stay up with them because I’m afraid to miss a moment. You never know when something exciting may happen!)
  4. I find it easier to concentrate if I’m juggling many things at once. (Also, I do my best writing just before a deadline.)
  5. Something weird: You know when a cluster of people will “cheers” each other? I think it’s silly for each person to have to directly clink glasses with everyone in the cluster. The group “clink” should suffice.
  6. One of the wisest things uttered by Dumbledore? – “Ahhh music! A magic far beyond all we do here” Music has, and will continue to be a major part of my life: from violin, to singing on worship teams, to playing in folk music jams; from orchestras, to the music of laughter shared between friends, to random song bites sprinkled throughout my day…I love (and live) it all.
  7. I wish I could cook like the Dali Twiga. She is my current culinary hero.


  1. Thanks for sharing Regina! I enjoyed reading about you. LOTR is one of my favorite stories too. I'm so happy that the streets in my subdivision have names from the books.
    I would LOVE to be solar-powered ~ if only I would stop staying up so late!

    About that "Clink" thing ~ I totally agree. A group clink by the cluster (I love your word choices!) is definitely enough!

  2. I also agree about the group clink being enough. The individual clinks afterwards just seem redundant.

    And I'm so proud (*tear*) to be your culinary hero.