Saturday, January 24, 2009

So fresh and so clean clean!

I love to clean. I love the light scent that cleaners leave. I love the lines left by the vacuum on the carpet. I love a surface that is just the right amount of cluttered. I love “spring cleaning”…whenever the mood strikes. Blame it on my inner melancholy, but after a cleaning rampage I always feel a bit more clear and ready to tackle the challenges of every day life.

So this morning, I’m rearranging furniture in my room. Just to shake things up. After all, I’m always up for a new twist on things…a new adventure. Even if that adventure is something as ordinary as looking out a different window while I sit and type.


  1. There's nothing like clean to de-fog the mind and get the creative juices going again. There's also nothing like clean to relax, sooth, calm and invigorate. Clean is such a great feeling! I wish I could get all my house that way at one time!

  2. Now that I know of your love of cleaning I plan to put you to work each Thursday.