Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Stress. It seems to be plaguing lots of people. And in the cacophony of all that’s going on, a person can easily feel lost, looked over, or just powerless. If that’s you, and you feel like screaming, but you don’t even know that you’d be heard…this is the thought that I had while running today:

If God is in the whisper, he’s in your whisper too.

You know the passage in Kings where God isn’t in the earthquake or the storm, but his voice is found in the quiet wind? It may be a bit of stretch, but this is the encouragement I want to share: Yes it’s noisy. Yes, there’s a lot being asked of you. Life may feel like a storm, flood, and earthquake all rolled up into one.

But be assured, even if you feel like your shouting is but a whisper in the craziness…he hears you.

God is in your whisper. And he specializes in calming storms.

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